The Benefits of Travel Mobility Scooters

Some people wonder if they really need a travel scooter in addition to their everyday mobility scooter. For many individuals, the answer is probably no, but if you are Biutiful Oficial who travels around on a regular basis then it could be just what you are looking for.

What Makes A Travel Scooter Great?

The fantastic thing about any mobility scooter is that it is able to give independence to those with limited movement. However, if you do travel a fair amount then you will know that standard mobility scooters are really bulky and difficult to transport. That is where the travel scooter comes in to its own! This style of scooter is specially designed for traveling and as a result it is lightweight and more compact. Some models even fold down for easy transportation. The smaller frame means it is fairly easy to place the scooter in the trunk of your car when going on a trip and if you are traveling air or rail then they take up less luggage space too.

Distance Capabilities and Battery Life

There is nothing that can rival having the feeling of independence even when away from your usual place of residence. You can now stay mobile even when in a new place. The one thing to watch out for when choosing a travel scooter is of course the battery life, its all well and good being independent on vacation until you run out of power and get stranded! The majority of compact travel scooters run on a 12 amp battery which can give you around 10 miles of travel in a single charge. The majority of people will take a spare battery out with them to allow for more flexibility. This is an especially good idea if you are off sightseeing. There may also be opportunity to recharge your battery when visiting some attractions although it is best to call ahead. Some users prefer to use an in car charger to recharge travel scooters.

The main benefit of a travel scooter is of course the portability making it perfect for moving around. However, many people are also using these in the home because of the smaller size which makes them easy to store and manoeuvre in tight spaces. They are perfect for those who are living in smaller homes which do not have room for a bulky scooter. This is great since more and more elderly people are now living in small retirement apartments with a limited amount of space.