An Introduction To Group Health Insurance Leads

Years ago, talking to prospects about group health insurance was a tough sell. Health insurance agents used to settle on cold calling in order to make a sale. This was time-consuming and often resulted in dead-end rejections, since many groups had some form of health insurance through their employment and were resistant to signing up for additional coverage. But nowadays, if you are an insurance agent, finding prospects is not e a hard task, because you can purchase group health insurance leads from reliable companies.

Group health insurance leads are actual positive responses direct from the group of prospects themselves. They are actually interested in buying your health insurance policies as a group. These are generated through direct mail marketing and telemarketing. They are also pre-qualified and have passed through a quality control department to ensure reliability.

But if there are pre-qualified leads, there can also be invalid leads. These leads can only be considered invalid if they are not submitted a group, submitted competitors, and are submitted outside the service territory specified in the agreement. If you encounter invalid leads, you can submit a lead recall request. This request is then reviewed. Once approved, it will be reflected as a refund to your account.

Purchasing as many or as few leads that you can comfortably handle within two to three days can give a significant impact to your bottom line. But you have to find a reliable company that generates quality leads, because your time is not worth wasting on unqualified leads. The you choose should use a script that you can customize to your products, location and types of client you typically serve. You should also enlist a company that uses highly trained telemarketers with solid knowledge of the group health insurance field and use a soft sell, relationship building approach.