Mastering the Stage: A Guide for Stage Crew Newbies

The stage is where the magic happens, but it takes a dedicated crew to bring that magic to life. Stage techs are the unseen heroes who make sure every performance runs smoothly.If you’re new to the stage crew world, here are some tips to help you tech the stage like a pro:

Before the Show:

  • Get Oriented: Familiarize yourself with the theater’s layout, including the stage itself, the wings, and the control booth. Learn where all the equipment is stored and how to access it.
  • Stage Plot: The stage plot is a blueprint of the set design.Study it carefully to understand where every set piece, prop, and performer needs to be.
  • Communication is Key: During setup, listen attentively to the stage manager’s instructions. Ask clarifying questions if you’re unsure about anything. During the show, communication is just as important. Use clear hand signals to avoid confusion with the performers Technology

Technical Skills:

  • Lifting Basics: Learn proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries. You’ll likely be moving scenery and props, so it’s important to know how to lift safely.
  • Focus on the Light: Learn the basics of stage lighting. How to use different fixtures, how to focus lights, and how to follow lighting cues.
  • Sound Check: Assist with sound checks following the soundboard operator’s instructions. Learn how to operate microphones and other basic sound equipment.


  • Be Prepared: During the show, anticipate what comes next according to the script or run sheet. Have props and scenery ready for their cues.
  • Think Fast: If something unexpected happens, stay calm and try to solve the problem as quickly and discreetly as possible.
  • Safety First: If you see a safety hazard, report it to the stage manager immediately.

After the Curtain Closes

  • Breakdown: Once the show is over, help break down the set efficiently.Put everything back in its designated storage space.
  • Feedback: Reflect on the performance. What went well? Where could things be improved?

Additional Resources:

  • There are many online resources that can teach you more about stagecraft. You can also find books and DVDs on the topic at your local library.

Remember: Stage crew is a team effort.

By working together and communicating effectively, you can ensure a successful and safe performance for everyone involved.