A Questionnaire for Businesses

As exceptional you could, solution digitalmarketingtips info the subsequent twenty-5 questions. There’s no scoring. But
you will know whether or not you should be glad together with your answers, or now not. If you aren’t,
possibly you have got a few work to do.

1. What are the blessings you provide?

2. What do you observed motivates your clients to buy? Are they driven means of Fear of Loss,
Desire for Gain, Self Preservation, Safety, Health, Security, Recognition, Power, Net
Profits, Increased Sales, Lower Costs, Knowledge, Self Actualisation, Social Status,
Riches, Popularity, Self Expression, Acceptance, Prestige, Success, Pleasure, or a
combination of some of these?

Three. Why do you believe you studied your great/favorite clients bought your service/product?
(What advantage(s) attracted them?)

4. Have you asked your customers why they purchased from you.

Five. How does your service enhance the lifestyles or paintings situations of your clients?

6. Have you written a profile of your best clients?

7. Have you recognized wherein to find the finest awareness of your first-class

Eight. Have you recognized a listing of possibilities similar to your high-quality customers?

9. Considering all the potential possibilities you have identified, with which of them ought to
your service/product make the biggest difference?

10. How do your clients normally buy your provider/product? (Your distribution

11. Who is your opposition?

12. What other “competition” do you have got? (i.E., other styles of products/offerings,
lack of expertise on the part of your prospects, and many others.)

thirteen. Why do your prospects buy out of your competition? (What benefit do they offer?)

14. Why would or should your possibilities switch out of your competition to you?

15. Can you listing five to ten reasons why someone should purchase your product/

Sixteen. What makes your carrier/product unique or better than others? (This is your
unique selling proposition, or USP)

17. Have you reduced your USP into a fifteen-word-or-less “commercial”?

18. Have you recognized a market niche in that you do/can specialise?

19. Have you told your potentialities approximately your speciality? (Or is your speciality buried
for your advertising substances among all of the other things you can also do?)

20. How are you raising attention of your carrier amongst your potentialities?

21. Do you have a advertising “mix”, or do you depend upon one marketing device to
construct your commercial enterprise?

22. Does the image you present on your goal market stay up to the photo your
goal marketplace feels they deserve?

23. What might occur for your commercial enterprise if your pinnacle two clients left you in the equal
six month length?