Fair Measures Corporation

A case take a look at in on line “thinking out of doors the businesspost us box” The Fair Measures Corporation Web web page incorporates over 500 pages of free in-depth legal statistics and analysis, furnished for each employers and employees. It includes a month-to-month e-e-newsletter, and an “Ask the Lawyers” page where visitors can submit extra questions. The site attracts common media attention, and has been featured in “HR Magazine”. A few years in the past we completely restructured the web site to add content for the numerous personnel who come there seeking out records. Previously, we would been concentrating on the traditional markets for Fair Measures – human aid experts and bosses who hire Fair Measures lawyers for workplace training packages. But we realized that during doing so, we have been missing out on a very one-of-a-kind audience for his or her know-how – and one which actually best exists in the on line context. How did we know this? In two primary approaches:

1. By looking in our site visitors analysis at the key search phrases that introduced site visitors to the website online; and

2. From the content material of questions submitted to “Ask the Lawyers” We should see that many site visitors were seeking out facts around sexual harassment, overtime exemptions, Internet electronic mail monitoring and privacy issues, and wrongful termination. Employers desired to realize the way to create rules and practices that would shield them towards luxurious lawsuits, and employees wanted to implement their rights. So, we created an entire collection of new products – instantly downloadable on line publications and sample rules round those subjects. They are to be had in Word, pdf, and html formats – at the consumer’s desire, and include a complete money again guarantee. The fee factor – presently $10 for the guides, is supposed to inspire impulse purchases. The state-of-the-art of these merchandise – “Wrongful Termination Guide” is now attaining a nearly 5% conversion price in sales. This is some distance better than the average 1-2% this is ordinary of maximum e-commerce websites (and possibly indicative of the contemporary financial weather!) And, with real-time traffic analysis from we’re tweaking the language and length of our selling pages to look what’s handiest with every audience. Our downloadable products at the moment are producing a steady additional revenue flow, from a source this is very distinct from the conventional markets for this company. So, lessons found out (and nonetheless being learned) from this workout:

1. Be open to new and special ability audiences in your on line enterprise;
2. Study your visitors evaluation – there are numerous treasured clues as to traveler desires that may be translated into new products and services; and
3. Keep tracking your traveller response and attempt new spins in your content.