Advice In Business – There May Be Trouble Ahead

When the news is grim you can either keel over with the best of ’em or become even more focused on your end goal…

Why should your business fail if you have great products, great and you’re solving people’s problems…

Here’s 7 ways to maintain and GROW your business regardless of the world markets!!!

1. Communicate More. Make sure you increase your communications with your customers. Give them information, free advice, gifts that will support their business. It’s right to let them know you’re still there and willing to work with them providing new solutions to their problems.

2. Make sure you give your top customers the best service ever. They are more likely to be with you in the future having stuck you in the past. They more than likely pay a premium for your most expensive products and services and should be treated with the respect and care that they deserve.

3. Call people (especially) your best customers, take the opportunity to show them you’re willing to go out of your way. Be different, now is not the time to hide away, it’s the time to stand out and show the world that your definitely “alive and Kicking”

4. Write to your best customers in an open and friendly manner, thank them for their loyalty and tell them about the great ways you will be supporting them in the future.

5. Keep refreshing your product/ customer offer. How many customers do you serve? How many products do you sell? By knowing the answer to those questions you will be able to find out which customers are missing out on additional sales. Do they ALL know about every product or service that you currently provide?

6. Start writing articles and develop a “Newsletter” that keeps your client base up to date with the latest technology, your latest products and any advice, hints and tips you may be able to offer them.

7. Use the 80/20 rule – Are you aware of this principle? Its based around Pareto’s theory that only 20% of what what you do really serves a purpose in terms of the results you achieve. So start the analysis now could you stop 80% of everything you do and just focus on the 20% of activities that will drive your business forward?